Up And Under… No it’s not a poem by Maya Angelou but it is a really fun App developed by Norman Rozental @enormace games(we see what you did there). Norman is known for his HiFi, Neon clad designs and his most recent update to Up And Under included making the additional “Endless” and “Insane” game modes free to play! Muchos Gracias Senior Norman.

So, what can you expect to find upon opening the Up And Under App for the first time? Easy. You’ll find a splash screen with the title “Up And Under”. Also there’s a large red button that you must press if you want to actually use the App, that’s step 1. Figured this would be pretty easy for y’all to figure out but sometimes you just don’t know so you’re welcome. Once you’ve completed step one, you begin your adventure immediately in the “Levels” mode of the game. On tap, your flying arrow recedes ever downwards thus avoiding the towering, 3D rectangle ceiling. When you remove your finger from the screen, the arrow ascends back to its original position enabling you to float right over the rectangles which jut out from the surface(MSL). Between these two actions you will work your way through the 55 levels and their associated achievements.

You also have “Endless” mode which is fairly self explanatory. Just go until you can’t go no mo’. The “Insane” mode doubles your travel speed and your margin for rectangle avoidance error is narrower than flying VRB35G40KT 1SM TSRA BKN015CB(Pilots will laugh).

Download Up And Under on the App Store!

what did we think about it

  • PRO - The soundtrack is Honeycomb cereal dope!
  • PRO - The concept is simple and sweet and the craftsmanship is affable.
  • CON - Fullscreen interstitial ads pop up RIGHT as you start a round. 
  • CON - Up and down runs its course pretty quickly.

Checkout the full-length video