We’ve got another orbit game and we're keeping it short and sweet! Everyone knows that Spring brings beautiful weather, wildlife, and unique physics-based games. That’s common knowledge. “Transfer”, developed by Kieran Nichols, will help you ring in Spring as you time shots, avoid the red walls, and take another small step towards world peace, all while tracking your scores with Game Center. Transfer is like that cool manager you had somewhere between your 1st and 4th job. You know, the one who won’t micro manage you but still has high expectations.

The goal in this App is to keep an acute awareness of your surroundings. I’ll let Kieran explain it:

“The goal of the game is to transfer the small circle that orbits the targets from one target to another. To successfully complete a transfer, you must avoid hitting a red wall, hitting the center indicator on a target, and staying connected to a target for too long.”

So basically you wanna keep the ball moving around the screen and latching on to other bigger more dominant targets. So basically you are like a slutty teenage girl with daddy issues. But what analogy can we come up with for avoiding the red walls?… OK we’ll just move on then.

This game is pretty simple and once again checks all the boxes for us here at AOL: Indie presence, clean UI, well-planned UX(minus the tutorial, we’ll address that in our pro/con list), and a skill based functionality that works well! We are hopeful that Kieran continue to elaborate on this game and obviously works to bring more titles to the store. Laud Kieran, laud. 

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Simple and clean makes us sing.
  • PRO - The physics in the game are well balanced and unique. Just as the title states. No 22.2 rejections for you Kieran.
  • CON -  THE TUTORIAL MY GOD! Just an FYI, most people do not like a powerpoint presentation before using an App.
  • CON -  The sound FX could be dialed in a bit more. Also the red white blue and monochrome becomes a little redundant.

Checkout the full-length video