Remember in The Matrix when that creepy emaciated kid tells Neo that there's no spoon? Split Masters, developed by Lemondo Games & Dora's Lab, will make you forget about spoons, forks, chores, responsibilities, Pokemon Go(that's for SEO of course), your family, and maybe even your job. But back to the whole Matrix thing I started with for just a second. That little monk kid who can bend the spoon is seriously such a lame character. It would've been much cooler if instead of a pious, soft-spoken adolescent they had him be more like a pyro ADHD lunatic kid who like, runs up to Neo and hands him a spray can with a lighter and just starts screeching at him to light his face on fire. Then Neo like, hands it back to him quickly and says "no way! I'm not going to light you on fire kid!" and then the kid takes it and lights himself on fire anyways and is all rolling around screaming in pain on the Oracle's living room floor while Neo looks on horrified. Then he gets up and the fire magically stops and he tells Neo, "There is no fire" and then Neo gives him that kinda dumb Keanu Reeves face.... Anyways, that would've been sweet.

Alrighty! Back to Split Masters... This App has a sort of "east meets modern western cartoons" style and is altogether one of the more challenging and unique Apps we've seen in the last few months. Your climber of choice includes the default "Red Belt" as well as a few others like "Hawaii", "The Master", and "Old School" which are shrouded in a dark veil until you earn yourself enough golden climbing stars to purchase their services. This App is tough, seriously tough. We spent an extended amount of time on this game because the degree of timing and precision required, supersedes many other similar Apps you'll find. Also, I've never felt genuinely scared for a game character's wellbeing but after you've "spidered" your way a dozen or so feet into the air, you feel your stomach drop just a little bit when the poor guy hits his head against the invisible edges and tumbles away. Thank god cartoons cannot be hurt right?

You receive various challenges at the beginning of each round like "climb 40 feet" and "outrun 1 friend". Apple's Game Center really is a neat thing when a Developer integrates it well. We were only able to reach into the 30ft. range and that feat was very difficult to perform. For the two times we reached that height, there were probably about 20 sub-12ft. runs that made us wish we could just go back to the Gameboy and Game Gear era where the only disappointment in gaming was when the cartridge wouldn't take and you had to blow into the slot like it was your birthday cake. Then there was always that one friend you had who would frantically tell you "OMG! Don't do that, it's bad for it!"; you slowly turn to look at them, your brow bent downwards and you think to yourself "your an idiot." Oh how I loved those days of juvenile technological ignorance. I even had a cousin who once told me if I turned my N64 off while it was paused that it would actually erase the game. Not just my saved game, but literally the cartridge would be degaussed somehow(OK OK, I know degaussing is technically not the correct term but I'm just hoping you're a 7 year old kid who believes what they're told about technology).

In summary(I always ended my school essays with that) Split Masters is a very very very well-crafted machine that hits those high notes in the most entertaining and delightful way. The whole App feels modern and light with a full-bodied constitution that showcases supreme design, physics, and quirk. You guys took a risk and put it all on the line developing this game(I don't actually know if that's true but it sound good right) and as the wisest of men will tell you "No risk. No reward." May you find your own rewards as you follow your hearts... and the link below. Thank you.

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Continuing to be amazed at how creative people can get with game concepts. Your device viewport IS the challenge... Mind blowing.
  • PRO - The design and animations are truly brilliant. The challenge is very real. It's so real that you should look at Con #1.
  • CON - The physics of the game are a little confusing. You think you're timing your steps evenly and then all of a sudden you lose. Not sure how it's supposed to work.
  • CON - We know that early versions of games are usually limited in scale but some variances in the levels(not just coloring) would be pleasing.

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