Based on the 99-cent paid version, Spinfinity FREE is your no commitment, space shooting, pleasure inducing, “baddie blasting” time enhancer; because we don’t believe that playing it could ever be a time waster. The game is developed by Josh Ruthnick and is a very impressive start for what he refers to as “my first foray into the daunting world of coding”. Although it might be a first top-to-bottom build for Josh, his animation, design, and composing skills are on display in many other Apps which can be found on his portfolio page.

As you open Spinifinty, you’re immediately telegraphed as to what this game is about to do. The brilliantly animated UI whirls ever so gently before you but somehow you know that the deep entombing capaciousness of space is never your friend and that soon you will be challenged. Like a great siren, the electrified “ring” at center beckons you to tap it and like any gullible slob, you do so without hesitation. The kettle-drums thud and like a shell-shocked private who “never wanted to be here in the first place”, you involuntarily fire your lasers, swiping side-to-side frantically as the evil, triangular “baddies” circle around and close in on you. I know what you’re thinking at this point, there’s no hope is there. Fortunately Josh provides the user with some power-ups that are certainly apropos of a space related adventure. Floating randomly throughout the game are shields, which do exactly what you would expect. You’ll find the occasional multiplier and 5-shot mode which turns you into a spinning wheel of destruction and has a subtle recollection of those fantastic space scroller shooters(does anyone remember Major Striker?). The nuclear bombs definitely come in handy too, especially when you find yourself surrounded. Mr. Ruthnick we commend you on this finely crafted craft and hope to see some more of your binaries coupled with those fantastic designs very soon.

You can download the latest version of Spinfinity FREE from the App Store!

I guess that's a bit presumptuous to say you "can". Let me try that again...

Download the free version of Spinfinity from the App Store or else!

Okay I'm sorry, that was just rude...

Download Spinfinity from the App Store!


what did we think about it

  • PRO - Josh's first stab at coding is something that those re-skinning sluts should aspire to.
  • PRO - Beautiful animations, UI, music, movements, actions, reactions, contractions, impactions and so forth. But seriously it's a really well-made game.
  • CON - Some variation of the "baddies" would be cool.
  • CON - We didn't see any advertisements in the game(not really complaining) which makes the paid version seem pointless. Josh, we just want you to get yo' money bro.

Checkout the full-length video