It's a very simple premise: You are a row of multi-colored cheese blocks and your mission is to reach deep space. "We've dropped an SUV-sized probe on Mars. I'm not impressed", you might say. "I've made myself a ham sandwich, while seated, during a flight to Austin. How hard could this be?" might also be uttered. The simple truth is that Space Cheese, developed by Andrew McGee, is rungs beyond both of these very antipathetic pessimisms; and any others you might hear.

Andrew’s first contribution to the iOS App Store is certainly a welcome one as the colorful, retro-res icon beckons you to take up the mantle of Grand Cheese Admiral and chart a course(voice of the battlecruiser guy from starcraft) towards the deepest depthyist depths of the universe. At no point do you need to question the science behind why cheese is even able to fly through space. These types of questions have no place in 2016. Based on the graphics, you are clearly dealing with an Emmental formulation which actually makes a lot of sense. This type of cheese traditionally has holes and is denser which would obviously make it more suited for space flight. Great choice Andrew. You’ve clearly sat down and thought about how to best represent the most suited type of cheese for deep space travel.

So you wanna know about the gameplay huh? Well, you control a fleet of cheese blocks along the bottom of your screen which are arrayed in different colors. As you propel forward, sets of other cheese blocks barrel towards you and your job is to properly align your blocks with the corresponding colors of the approaching set, and databoutit. “Hey! that sounds pretty easy, why should I play it?” because it’s not easy you idiot it’s actually very challenging and therefore fun. 

Thank you Andrew for taking some basic principles of space travel and making them ridiculous and cheesy. mmmmm soo cheesy. Hopefully we’ll see some salty new updates in the coming months.

“When you are normal cheese, you melt. When you are space cheese, you soar” -Swiss proverb 

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Color-coding cheese blocks in a way that a 27 year girl with her Library Science Masters Degree would be jealous.
  • PRO - Quirky, fun graphics, motion, and sound FX. We also liked the funky sound track.
  • CON -  No Power-ups.
  • CON -  The only thing more empty than deep space is this App's feature-set. 

Checkout the full-length video