Roll Out! but be careful. Roll Topia developed by Lisa Burns puts a unique spin on the third-person geometric distance challenge concept made famous by Ketchapp's ZigZag. Roll Topia includes a couple additional layers of challenge in the form of pathway inhibitors. As you begin your journey, you encounter multiple enemies in the form of ground spikes, immovable blocks/pyramids, and open pits. You'll also have to watch out for those lava and water hazards along the way.

Fortunately, Lisa includes a couple power-up items to make your trip a little less intense. The teal-colored rotating cubes provide two different functions. The hollowed out cube will instantly fill any of the immediate pits which can help take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right path to follow. The protruding cubes provide a combination of auto-travel and nitro boosting action to quickly get you through the map. You'll also blast right through any of the static objects that would normally end you round.

If you feel like spending some dough, you can upgrade your character to a host of different cube-themed rollers. You can also choose some human looking players which definitely piqued our interest, although not enough to buy them. Let us know if you do.

Roll Topia is available for your delight on the App Store.

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Great designs, unique obstacles and overall challenge.
  • PRO - Everything is fluid and functions well. Being put on sale at version 4.0 shows Lisa made sure things were tight.
  • CON - The nitro boost power-up oftentimes stops you at the edge of the map making it impossible to survive. 
  • CON - We notice a slight unpredictability with changing directions. Hard to tell if it's a bug or intentional. 

Checkout the full-length video