Did you guys know that the the Wondering Albatross can actually sleep and fly at the same time? They're also known to have the largest wingspan of any other bird. So I guess the big question is whether or not they're ace-holes about their supremacy. You know what I mean? Like, does the Wondering Albatross go out on a Friday night and just start crap with other birds, much in the same way an overly concussed rugby player gets in your face at the pub late in the evening because he thinks he saw you looking at him funny. What do these queries have to do with "Helios - Orbital Escape" by Matthew Powell? Absolutely nothing obvisouly... Lolz, this must be your first time on our site then.

We've actually been super excited to get this b**ch featured! What's really great about this game is just how simple yet addictive it is! In summary, you must pilot your little satellite thingy(which is aptly named "Helios") straight into the great deep blackness of space. As you venture into the depths, you will come across various asteroids who's existence can be very helpful, or very dooshy. These asteroids ultimately facilitate your progress in the game while simultaneously working to end it. Once you get into just the right place you must quickly tap & hold your screen and witness as you become orbitally involved with the nearest meteor. When the time is just right, you must let go and propel yourself straight ahead, or to the next closest meteor. If you get off the mark just a little bit you'll be sure to veer far out of the narrow safety zone which is outlined with a thin gray line on the right and left edges of your screen. This game is tough! for cereal! If you get too close to a meteor and begin to orbit, you'll spin wildly around; the chances of making a safe departure towards the next meteor become damn near impossible. Say "Helios" a few times out loud to yourself... mmmmm it's such a cooool word. "Helios...", "Helios..." yaaaaa.

We found that it was advantageous to try and work your way to the nearest meteors in view instead of just trying to blast your way to a record. The hardest part is anticipating your surroundings because even if you make it safely to a meteor and begin orbit, you might find that your orbit is a bit wide and you plow headlong into a nearby object. "HELIOS! NOOOOOOOO". This game is great. We promise you'll become enveloped and entranced, enticed, and entitled to continue playing. Know what we're saying? We ain't playing, no never. No matter the weather.........Word.

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Just a super game guys, a really super game! Seriously though Matt you did this one well, especially for being ver. one-0
  • PRO - It's familiar and brand new all at once. The challenges are very unique and the craftsmanship of this game is exquisite.
  • CON -  Some scenery changes might be nice. We always enjoy choices of spacecraft too!
  • CON -  Definitely not ideal on smaller devices. you need some legit viewportage in order to time your orbits.

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