The rules are meant to be broken right? Today we’ve broken one of our own rules and we want to apologize at the outset to those of you who might be troubled by it. Which rule did we break? Well, introducing you to Flipit by Nico Gass breaks a rule we’ve sorta loosely implemented which was to feature games that are free to download.

You might be saying to yourself, “I never knew that was a rule” and you’d be right because we don’t have a document or list of rules somewhere for you or us to follow. It’s just one of those things where one day you’re all like, “hey lets feature free games only” and then someone else says, “yeah there are a ton of great free games”. You reply, “yeah lets try to feature the free games only” and then that same other person replies, “yeah there are a ton a great free games”. With a puzzled look you ask, “Do you actually have your own thoughts or are you just agreeing with me?” and the other person says, “yes…”.

Although Flipit will cost you one Lincoln short of a Washington, We believe with all our hearts that you’ll find the value within. You’re given a random assortment of colored squares and your goal is to cycle through each one until it matches the designated color. Try to beat the clock for the clock rules all.

Nico even provides a little additional challenge with the “advanced” mode. These squares cycle randomly so you have no idea when your target color will pop up. The classic mode is more predictable. Advanced mode is great for getting those braincells uhhhhh, celling, maybe right after you’ve had your coffee or something. The reliability of the classic mode is a nice way to wind down after a long day at the office, or for when you’re lying in bed after your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you because of reasons. You’re better off without them, just remember that.

Another great feature of Flipit is the editor which allows you to create your own puzzles and share them with the world! Nico also includes a handful of his own customs. We liked the duck one although we failed to finish it in time.

De nieuwe versie bevat ook Nederlands.

Download Flipit by Nico Gass today! FYI, don’t try searching for “Flipit” in the app store because you’ll just get all those stupid water bottle flip clones. Most of those suck scrotal regions.

what did we think about it

  • PRO - 99 cents is a very fair price for this App. We promise that you'll find yourself coming back to it often.
  • PRO - The custom puzzle editor is a great little feature for a newer game. Cloud saving and downloading puzzles from the community opens up the world.
  • CON - The classic and advanced modes seem to play one color a lot, they change very infrequently.
  • CON - The game definitely flirts with that line of a full version and lite version. 

Checkout the full-length video