Without a doubt, it's one of the most exciting games of the week. Danger Wave by Swiftmill is a creative step into the unknown, that unknown being a deep dark purplish pinkish cave that has quite a few obstacles in it. As Swiftmill's first dive into the iOS App Store, Danger Wave sets the bar pretty high(or deep, you know, because it's a cave and such) for the highly saturated side-scroll marketplace. The team did a fantastic job building a beautiful and distinct environment that includes a healthy ratio of challenge to pleasurable physics.

That brings me to my next point, the very concept of "pleasurable physics". Imagine with me, for just a second, that you were born with a skeletal disorder that renders you in plank-form at all times; much like a skink(Google it). As you lay around on the floor contemplating what you're going to do that day, a massive hole opens before you, swallowing your weird-ass body. As you plummet into the depths beneath, you begin to see a bright purple light and some sweet techno/trancey/dubby/housey-type music begins to fade in all around you. You are no longer falling through the pit but are now suspended majestically in mid-air. Suddenly, a long and narrow pathway can be seen in front of you. Before you can attempt to understand what is going on, you're suddenly propelled forward down the long pathway. You arch and accelerate, up and down and side to side. You're like a subterranean dolphin on it's way to the next deep-earth orgy. You begin to notice large stalagmites and stalactites(on a side note, I'd still like to know who the jerk was that decided one should have the letter "g" and the other should have the letter "c". I mean, why?) jutting out all around you. Large rocks also attempt to negate your travels but what's more, you come across mystery boxes filled with power-ups that enable you to blow right through these impediments. You also discover coins shaped like diamonds(yeah so, I definitely just want to point out how confusing that is.) which become an integral part of your success here. What i've just described to you friend, is "pleasurable physics".

Thank you Swiftmill for coupling such a great combination of gameplay, graphics, and a third word that starts with the letter "g" which I cannot think of at the moment. A quick trip to their website also reveals their plans for a 2nd game entitled "Hop Top". No promises on a feature, but if Danger Wave is any measure of your followup, we are at the very least, eager.

P.S. - you can save up your coin-diamonds to purchase several other characters to further enhance your gaming experience. You'll have to check them out, they're pretty cool!

P.S.S. - I don't actually have anything more to say other than I thought of a third "g" word for earlier, "gastrophilanthropy", because this App really does satisfy the mind and body.

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Exquisite textures and a creamy flow of ethereal wonderment that only the center of the earth can provide.
  • PRO - The play is different and fun while the obstacles incorporate the perfect amount of forgiveness.
  • CON - The same level over and over.
  • CON - 30-second video ads have to be watched if you want to continue from where you die.

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