Why was PBS so Awesome? Because, you had Barney the Dinosaur, Arthur, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, and so on and so forth. It was a spectacularly entertaining channel. Coloruid, by Right Fusion Inc., is like all the awesomeness of PBS in the 1990's captured into a game. Yes we know this seems ridiculous to compare but we don't care. Rhyme.

There’s a distinct level of mesmerization that comes with Coloruid. You stare down each level with an initial degree of fear and lack of confidence. As you progress from the simple color matching phases to those more advanced, you’re quickly accelerated into an overflow of emotional well-being and intelligence. Things just start to click and life as you so doubtfully have known it begins to make some sense. The random shapes of Coloruid bob and hover around the screen very elegantly but the real magic happens when you begin to tap upon the neatly arranged pixels.

Once you have decided on your color-matching path, you are given only an exact amount of moves to make. If you incorrectly change an existing group of pixels into the wrong color, you might as well submit your application on the Taco Bell Jobs portal and declare bankruptcy because your life will lose what little meaning it likely has already. If you are reading this and you currently work at Taco Bell please do not download this App. You will have to start your employment over again. It’s a very old rule of Taco Bell that few people know about but they still enforce it. BTW, I did provide the actual link to the Taco Bell employee site. You’re welcome.

Has Coloruid brought anything revolutionary to the table? No not really. Will it change your life for the better? I’d say it’s about a 50/50 chance. What you can take away from this review is simply that Coloruid will suck you in, twirl you around gently, and then spend the night. At first you don’t want it to spend the night but after awhile you sorta get comfortable with the idea and then start thinking about whether or not you could marry Coloruid. I can definitely help you with that quandary, should you reach it. The answer is “no” you cannot marry Coloruid. It’s an App and your family will never accept that kind of relationship. In fact, you’re probably most safe to not even mention you know Coloruid and be sure you only play it in places your friends and family never go. Could you imagine how awkward that would be running into someone you know while your out on a Friday night with Coloruid? Save yourself the trouble and just keep it casual. Coloruid is cool like that and totally not clingy. 

Download this App and have a blasty!(That’s is probably the most serious statement we’ve written thus far. Hooray for us!)

what did we think about it

  • PRO - Very clever puzzle selections that will challenge your mind while simultaneously expanding it(like a tumor but funner).
  • PRO - There's something very sensual about the way the little pixel flip around as they change colors. 
  • CON - What the hell is up with the music?...
  • CON - We need some more levels because we beat them in like 3 hours. That's a good thing but it's bad too I guess. IDK I needed a 2nd "Con".

Checkout the full-length video