The Lymber App Gives Your Workouts Some Real Flexibility

Lymber, built by the folks at Lymber, provides a unique opportunity to fitness connoisseurs currently living in Los Angeles and San Diego. And we know that there are a lot of you! If your down for some shape keeping, then skip the stupid membership requirements and take advantage of Lymber’s no commitment workout mantra. Breathe in deep……………………………………………………………………………….and exhale.



If you’re not currently living in Los Angeles or San Diego, don’t worry, the Lymber team is stretching their service to other major cities soon(hey did you get that joke I just made there? Pretty good right). Lymber has a huge selection of fitness programs and wellness experiences which provide you with real-time, demand based pricing and best of all, no commitments. Get some Yoga in, maybe a little crossfit, and for desert? Massage. Lymber gives you the power to take control of when, how, and where you workout.

Look, we’ve all been there! You walk through the font door of your local gym, greeting the reception people as you awkwardly explain that you’re interested in a membership. They smile like a couple of Gollums who had one too many transmucosal anti-aromatase tetestoerone optimizers that morning because they both know, you just took the bait. You show up at 5am Monday, ready to start your new life and 15 minutes into your treadmill warmup, you realize you left you toiletries bag on the kitchen counter. You wouldn’t dare take a shower without the loofa, especially knowing how much friction your sweat-drenched matted leg hair typically needs to rise from the “super homeless” stench level and into “bearable” where you can safely sit in your office chair without your khaki pants leg skin ozone layer whoopi cushioning out of your waistband, pockets, and ankle areas; filling the air with a noxious fume as your coworkers line up to file another HR compliant against you. You recall the previous 1-on-1 with your supervisor where he reminded you that one more complaint and they would have to replace you. You cut the workout short and leave feeling wholly unfulfilled. 

Tuesday comes and with the combination of your 5am wakeup from the previous day and the half workout, you can barely shake yourself out of bed at 8. You remember that you’re hanging with your girlfriend and your girlfriend’s girlfriends tonight so a 2nd workout ins’t in the cards. At this point you convince yourself it makes more sense to wait until next Monday and try again. But Monday comes and you skip. With great self loathing you ask, “Why damnit! Why can’t I just do it!” Another Monday quickly comes and you pass again. This repeats itself for 3 more months. Feeling utterly defeated, you decide to cancel the membership. The Gollums are there waiting for you. They politely remind you that your membership was for a full year and you would now need to pay a $400 cancelation fee. You don’t have the cash. Your Capital One card has a $5,000 limit and your last balance was somewhere near $4,739. You call your parents for help and vow never to try any of this again.

It’s an all too common scenario we know. So save yourself some trouble and download the Lymber app and keep your workouts going strong without all the hassles.

The Telesketch App for iOS - Draw And Lulz

Developed by Poeko Inc., “Telesketch” provides hours of wacky entertainment and fun. I can remember growing up with the old pictionary board game and while I absolutely sucked balls at drawing recognizable figures, it was always a blast playing with friends and family. Telesketch has captured a lot of the same genius and fun and put it where genius and fun get together and makes babies; in an iOS App.

As a new user, you’re provided with a nice little stash of consumable credits which enable you to guess other’s drawings, create your own drawings based on other user’s phrases, and also add your own words and phrases to see what your fellow artists come up with. Once you’ve played through a few rounds of drawing and guessing you’re able to start creating your own phrases, FYI.

Poeko also includes some cool unlockables like wordpacks(celebrities and mythical creatures! I could draw a unicorn that has Kim K’s butt. Not sure if that’s how it would work but just letting you know I could do it). Take your drawing to the next level by unlocking the marker and paint brush too. They’re not Sh****g around here. You’ll definitely want to contribute your own masterpieces to this awesome App but we also wanted to share some of our attempts. 

Please feel free to laugh, my mom used to laugh at my drawings all the time right before burning them and supergluing my hands to the wall for an hour.

It's a joke, calm down...

Download Telesketch from the App Store.

Get Better At Coding With The "Py" App On iOS

The Py App, developed by Thundr LLC, is a really nice way to learn code; It’s just that simple.

Okay fine… we’ll tell you more about it:

Any of you who’ve sat down to learn programming know that it is not a natural process. The process of getting a machine to interact well with a human has taken centuries and we still have along way to go yet. If you’re just starting your programming journey, or have been coding for years, you’ll definitely find some value in Py. The developers have constructed fluid and simple walkthroughs for some of the most widely used frameworks including JavaScript, SQL, Python, and HTML/CSS.



Having the App with you at all times means you’ll be able to keep sharp or keep learning when life is making you wait for stuff(and there are no Pokemon nearby). Thundr also incorporates some great motivational tools in the form of challenges. Keep studying, get on a streak, and get points for your efforts. Nothing like a little digital affirmation along the way. Py provides you with over 1000 free lessons and the App has just been run through a fresh update rinse cycle.

Learn some code now!


Strengthen Your Relationships with Dovetail for iOS

We are all social beings striving for community. Sometimes we might think to ourselves we don't need anyone, the reality is that connection, or lack of it, has a major impact on our emotions. This is the cornerstone ideal behind a great new App called Dovetail: Relationship Understanding, built by Benjamin Stingle. The App provides users with a series of assessments aimed at providing a deeper level of understanding about how they connect with others. Dovetail takes the concepts behind "Attachment Theory" and packages them neatly into a user-friendly, clean interface.

Attachment Theory addresses the unique ways we all connect with others and can help you become more aware of your anxiety, security, and avoidance in relationships. Striking a healthy balance of independence and intimacy is key. After you provide the app with all the details regarding your approach to connection, you can link up with your partner's account and compare. Dovetail can help you move towards a healthier attachment style by equipping each of you with knowledge about the other.

We're all built a little differently and gaining more insight into how your partner ticks can shore up the foundation of your relationship.

Download Dovetail on the App Store.


Find Local TV Channels With TV Towers USA

Generally Helpful Software has a really cool iOS App called “TV Towers USA”. The App displays more than 2000 stations and over 1000 repeaters. You might be wondering why this information is important, well, for thousands of RV enthusiasts, over-the-air extremists, and everyone who simply hates paying for cable, TV Towers USA is a worthy tool to have on your iPhone or iPad.

For those of you born after 1998, it was commonplace to setup an antenna on your TV set to receive whichever channels broadcasted in your area. Some people would build giant antennas on their homes to increase reception. It was all quite ridiculous. If you were lucky you would get CBS, NBC, ABC, and maybe PBS. Of course, back then you didn’t need much else. TV Towers USA makes the process of locating these stations much easier and takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting a solid over-the-air connection.

Download the App for a couple bucks!

The Ops Synthesizer - Professional Modular Synth For iOS

Ops, a new App developed by Johnathan Mackenzie, provides a beautifully flat, plush UI for building and visualizing synthesizer chains. The Ops App feels very academic and smart which is a good thing. You won’t simply find an onscreen key bed connected to a bunch of software sounds and effects. The App provides you all the building blocks of a great synthesizer and lets you lay everything out. No more patch cables, no more mystery about how your sound is being manipulated. You’re able to quickly adjust your parameters and listen to the difference toggling between the Edit and Play menus.

If you’re looking for a little more control of your melodies, Ops integrates with MIDI devices too. You can map your controller to components in the App directly and move your interactions off the screen. Ops does cost $9.99 which puts it into a premium tier for an App but if you’re a serious keyboardist, and looking for a great way to manage your experiments, Ops is worth every penny.

Download Ops from the App Store. The App looks great on iPhone and iPad.


Slang N' Friendz Is Crossing Words With Slang

“Ludacris awards you bonus points”. It’s a weird statement we know but it’s the coolest thing to be done in a tired world of scrabble-esque Apps. “Slang N’ Friendz”, built by the peeps at Cool Application Technology is a welcomed addition to the long aisle of cross word games that make up the App Store. Generally, Slang N’ Friendz plays like any other crosswords with one crucial difference, slang is totes kosh, naw wad I meen? The App is so hood they even got Ludacris onboard. He’s known for having quite exquisite 20 inch rides. He also enjoys 20 inch thighs which for me personally, is a bit much. To each their own.

Challenge your Facebook friends and other members of the Slang App. If you can land an approved “slang” word, Ludacris will provide you with bonus points which can really make or break your win. The Developers covered their bases too with a truly international slang database that incorporates terminology from around the globe. Not sure whether your slang checks out? The Developers also have a feature for suggesting slang words to be added to their database. You can find it on their website.

Download Slang N’ Friendz on the App Store.

Looking For A Sports Scholarship? Try BeRecruited

Playing sports is fun. If you’re fortunate enough to be one of those humans who plays sports really well, you’re in high school, and you’re looking for steps to take towards a professional career, We’ve got a good one for you. The BeRecruited App is the social network for high school athletes looking to get noticed by scouting universities. The Developers boast a network of 25,000 coaches that are actively viewing user profiles and deciding whether they’ll be a good fit for their programs.

The BeRecruited App has just been freshly updated with some improvements to the way the App integrates information from the web interface; also some bug fixes. You have the opportunity to purchase some upgrades that significantly increase exposure to coaches and allow you to message various coaches directly. You choose an unlimited membership or a monthly option. The app covers a large number of sports too, not just the most popular and obvious choices.



If you’re dedicated to you sport then dedicate yourself to this app by keeping it updated with all your stats, videos, pictures, and accomplishments as a high school athlete. Who knows you might just get a scholarship out of it.

Download BeRecruited from the App Store.


RunTour And See Your City's Beauty

Going for a run later? Put RunTour - GPS Running Tours on your phone before you leave and add some flavor to your jog. RunTour uses the device’s location to tailor your runs, guiding you to points of interest around your area and providing some interesting little factoids along the way. We admit the app can be a little clunky at times and even sometimes outright buggy but the developers seem to be addressing these issues as they can and the app was recently updated.

RunTour will let you choose your desired running or walking distance and guide you through the history and beauty of your city. You can also track and share your accomplishments with friends. It’s just a fun little thingy so try it out.

Doggy Dan's Dog Training For Humans Who Own Dogs

Dogs are a gift. Just about everyone can agree that they truly are man’s best friend and giving them the proper training just became a lot easier, thanks to Doggy Dan and his super cool App. If you’ve been working to train a new puppy, retraining an older or adopted dog, we encourage you to try out "Dog Training with Doggy Dan". Dan has created dozens of interesting and insightful videos on a huge range of subjects that include aggression, barking, jumping on people/things, excessive licking, submissive urination, eating poop, and many more.


I myself am a newer dog owner and have been struggling to find the consistency and approaches needed to train my adopted dog. She’s had a rough history and faced multiple moves and different owners over four years. Trying to get her comfortable while respecting my household has been hard. I watched Dan’s video on properly "controlling the bones" and it was fantastic. I can already see a difference in her behavior.

After you sign up, the app will get a bunch of details on your dog and the current issues you’re facing. You’ll then be provided with tailored video tutorials for those issues. The plan will include a couple free modules to get an idea of Dan’s approach but full access requires that you signup for the auto-renewing subscription plan which costs $4 a week. If getting a full and effective approach is important to you the subscription price is worth it.


We know there are many resources for dog training out there. Dan’s is one of the better ones.

Give it a try.

Pull Your Head Out Of Your Assets With Buxfer

The new year typically brings some decent sized challenges for everyone. Taxes, crazy weather, spring cleaning, buying a new calendar, transferring the details from last year’s calendar to the new calendar, realizing your roommate threw out the old calendar already and now you have to check in with Mom to get all your relatives birthdays again. The fact of the matter is 2017 has some curve balls with your name on them and this is to be expected. Fortunately there are a multitude of Apps that can help you, and we’ve got yet another good one.

Buxfer by Buxfer Inc.(no dirrr) is a wonderfully designed and user-friendly program meant to help you manage your finances. This category is definitely a bit oversaturated when it comes to Apps but this one’s a keeper. Some of the key features Buxfer provides includes keeping a list of all your accounts in the app, providing insight on where your money goes, helping you mitigate unwanted spending, forecasting your financial goals, and certainly not least, 256-bit encryption.

The Buxfer peeps understand what financial details you need and what you don't. The App can automatically import your specific banking events but if you're feeling suspicious, or are just totes controlling, the App will easily allow you to input each of your transactions manually. If you're slightly old school, the app also integrates with Quicken and MS Money.

Hopefully the Buxfer App will be found useful as you spend less time with your mind on your assets, and more of it focused on the road ahead. As Shakespeare proclaimed, "Money is a good soldier, and will on."

Manage Your Skin Care With The Biudee App

The Biudee App, freshly updated and now available to the US, is an awesome skincare asset that goes where you go. Biudee is designed to be like a coach on the journey to improving your complexion and skincare regimen. The app has been developed by two dermatologists and provides unique tools and features:

  • Lifestyle questionnaire and skin-type test.
  • Sunscreen calculator.
  • Biudee discounts on beauty products.
  • Cosmetics organizer.

You provide the app with all the information required and Biudee will ensure you’re given useful and effective processes and knowledge for managing your skincare and keeping that beautiful glow. The developers also explain that the inputs each user provide to the App will help evolve the overarching content it provides. Your unique skin character, and the approaches to managing it becomes important contributors to helping the Biudee community.

Take a stab at fighting the aging process by downloading the Biudee App!


Skurt, Away Go Car Rental Troubles

Car sharing, Taxi services, Self-driving technologies, there have been an incredible number of disruptive and ground-breaking automotive businesses formed in the past 6 years and now we’d like to bring your attention to yet another. “Skurt”, available on iOS, takes a few of the existing strategies found in models like Turo and the web-based service Beepi, and combines them into a fantastic car rental option.



Skurt offers their services in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami with more cities coming online soon. The three main advantages that Skurt provides include no additional fees for customers under 25 years of age. Refilling the tank at the end of your rental is no biggy either since the people at Skurt will do it for you AAANNND they won’t charge extra money, just the standard market rate you’d expect to pay had you done it yourself. But wait there’s more… A Skurt agent will even drop off the car and pick it up when you are done. Now what is more convenient than that? Oh, I know… teleportation! hah… good luck with that one chief.



But seriously, we think it’s a fantastic alternative to other rental agencies who still operate their business like its 1980. You’re also given the incredible freedom that Uber or Lyft can never provide.

Download the Skurt app next time you’re in LA, SD, or Miami.