Think of it like the california gold rush.

Welcome to Apps Out Loud where you'll find some of the best iOS Apps you've never heard of. We are working our butts off to bring you the best content no one else is talking about. Our mission is to showcase the Apps that entertain, delight, and sometimes make us ask "uhhh, WTF?" These apps are either very new or buried deep in the catacombs of the App Store servers. Think of it like the California gold rush, except instead of gold we're hunting for Apps, and instead of you moving your whole family across the country at the risk of finding nothing or dying, you simply sit at your computer and we hand you the gold. It's a pretty sweet deal! 

Like I said a second ago, this content is fresh and it’s hot! Reading news about Apps that everyone is already using is freakin boring right? We really hope you enjoy this site as we help represent the Developers who are working hard to create these quirky and fun Apps that likely won't ever see 10,000 reviews on the App Store. 

Thank you from all of us here at AOL!